Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Gentlemen s ClubIf you are the type of guy that enjoys watching the entertainment provided at strip clubs, and you are planning on being in the Las Vegas area, you most likely have the Sapphire strip club on your list of endeavors to accomplish while away on vacation or business. This is a great club, full of beautiful women vying for your attention...and your money. While adult entertainment is definitely a fun past time, it can become a bit dull when you are trying to wave over a stripper to give you a private lap dance only to see her plop herself down on the guy next to you. Talk about a turn off. Sapphire Las Vegas is a popular destination for people who enjoy striptease, so it can become difficult to get what you really want if you are battling many others for attention.

The best way to handle this is to bring along your own secret weapon. Hiring a companion to bring with you to the Sapphire Las Vegas can be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Think about it. You are able to get into the thrill of the pulsating music and the gyrations going on in front of you, but not have to lay down a ton of money for private dances because you will have your own stripper right by your side. She will be able to give you a performance after you leave the Las Vegas Sapphire scene, back in your own hotel room. You will be away from the public eye and will get a top-notch performance in the comfort of your room without needing to compete with others at all.

Have Some Laughs, Then Have Some Fun

Going to strip clubs can be pretty entertaining both when watching in awe and when watching in disbelief at some of the moves people try accomplishing. Throw that together with people having alcohol, and you may be able to be entertained by some of the spectators in addition to the girls on stage. Seeing an array of things going on around you is not nearly as fun alone as it is with a partner. This is where hiring one of our gorgeous strippers to accompany you to the Sapphire strip club will come into play. You will be able to spend the time laughing about the antics going on around you with someone as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the strippers on the Las Vegas Sapphire stage.

One look at each other when someone in the establishment does or says something bizarre will get you both to start laughing, making the time shared more fun than if you were someone who didn't understand stripping and the business of dealing with patrons on a daily basis. Your personal stripper knows all about this and will be able to point out which girls within the Sapphire Las Vegas enjoy their job and which ones are doing it exclusively to get paid. This will help you decide which ones you wish to help out a little monetarily during your stay. You may just want to hold on to your cash though and take your date for the evening out for a drink or for some dancing after the Las Vegas strip club action is over. You already know you have a strip tease headed your way, so why pay for extra shows when you have your own private dancer waiting to please you when you get back to your room?

Analyze Moves Then Watch Some Of Your Own

Hiring your own stripper to accompany you when you visit the Sapphire strip club will give you the advantage of having someone nearby that will analyze moves to try out on their own. This is a learning experience for your special lady and she will ask you which moves you find tantalizing when strippers perform them. She will take note of your preferences and make sure to try out some of them when you get back to your secluded room.

Never has having a strip tease been more fun! You will be able to tell your personal stripper how fast or slow you would like to see them strip and they will tweak their dancing performance totally to your liking. You have the upper hand when it comes to asking for certain moves to be done, or certain articles of clothing to be removed. The best part is that you will see this all up close without having to crane your neck around some big burly guy standing in front of you. You won't have to imagine what your stripper looks like unclothed because you can't get a good enough view from your seat. It will all be on display for you within touching distance. Strip clubs do not compare!

Bring The Fun Of Strip Clubs To A Whole New Level

Taking your own stripper to a Las Vegas strip club is the newest trend in adult entertainment. You may notice several other guys in the Las Vegas Sapphire who seem to have done the same thing. If you notice the audience has several beautiful women in it, they may also be strippers that were hired to accompany their customers to enjoy some nightlife. You will fit right in with your own stunning date and will feel proud to have her by your side, especially if there are several others in the establishment who have done the same.

So, consider taking the stripper challenge and hiring your own to bring to the club the next time you visit! Give our service a call and we will select a stunning woman to accompany you. After you enjoy the nightlife, take her back to your room for a private showing that will surpass any performance you would watch in the city. We guarantee you will be delighted with the entire experience and stand by our strippers for giving you an entertaining evening you will remember for some time to come!

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