Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas

Some of these Las Vegas girls are so hot you'll need sunglasses to see them

If you are looking for a little more fun than the normal strip clubs have to offer, Drai's Nightclub strip club boasts a beach club, night club and after hours club all within the same establishment. There is no better Las Vegas strip club on the circuit than one that offers several themes in one area. This place is best enjoyed with a date of your own, which is why having one of our strippers accompany you would be the best choice in adult entertainment both in and out of the clubs you will be visiting.

Start your nightlife excursion with the rooftop pool area. This will set the beach mood, allowing your date and yourself some time to unwind with a cocktail, while getting to know each other. When you feel like pumping it up a bit, head to Drai's Nightclub to pump and grind to electronica dance music by some of the premiere artists in the current music scene. By now, you will start wondering what your nightcap will entail, and you might want a preview in the after hours club area to enjoy a bit of stripping before heading back to your hotel room with your personal striptease artist.

No One Enjoys A Place Like Drai's Nightclub Alone

Having your own dancer to accompany you throughout the three club area's of Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas, as well as additional strip clubs, will make you stand out from the rest. You will have a woman with you who is classier and more beautiful than many of the entertainers in the strip clubs you visit. This will give you a sense of pride and you will enjoy having the other guys wish they had thought to bring along a date of their own.

With so much entertainment to enjoy, it is much better to be with a partner. You will be in the spotlight in whichever club you visit, making you feel like the cream of the crop the entire time you visit. The best part is knowing that within just a few short hours or so, you will get to see that luscious number by your side do her dancing for you and only you. That is the benefit of having one of our strippers go with you. You always have that striptease to look forward to, making the entire night feel just a little more intriguing and giving you a sense of mystery throughout.

Dance The Night Away...Literally

Starting off the evening at Drai's Nightclub can get you energized, pumped up, and ready to party. Just hearing the beat of the music and the drop of the bass will get your heart pounding. Then you glance over at your date for the evening and things just get 100% better. You see her swaying to the music and looking so beautiful in the strobe lights that you will know right then you made the best decision possible in having her come along with you.

Your fun won't stop here. After you are worn out from non-stop dancing, drinking, and watching some entertainment, you will want to slow down the pace a bit and go back to your room to end your date with a dance like no other. Your vixen will then be on the center-stage and you will get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. She will then dance better than any Drai's Nightclub dancer could possibly do. Don't just take our word for it. Call us to reserve your own personal dancer for the evening. Let us know you intend on checking out some strip clubs in the area and we will have her come dressed to impress. Some strip clubs are swankier than others, so let us know which you wish to visit so she can outdo all the others in the place, making you and your date the center of attention.