Olympic Gardens

Olympic Gardens Las Vegas

A whole new meaning of Vegas Nightlife

If you have never visited Olympic Gardens strip club in Las Vegas, you will be in for a real treat when you walk into the establishment. This bi-level Las Vegas strip club has what it takes to be your fun go-to destination each time you visit the Sin City. To spice up your trip, consider bringing along some entertainment of your own. Having your own personal private dancer has several benefits in and out of the club scene.

More and more gentlemen are showing up to strip clubs like the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas with a beautiful woman of their own to show of to the other spectators. Why not join them and relish in the knowledge that your woman will do more than accompany you. She will show you a performance of her own as soon as you get back to the security of your hotel room. Not all strippers are the same. Watching the showgirl performances in Las Vegas Olympic Gardens is adult entertainment in all its glory. However, there is something different about having a strip tease performance one-on-one without all the hub-bub and formalities that comes along with structured stripping establishments.

Your nightlife experience will begin in strip clubs like the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas and then end on a high-note in your own room without others around to take away from the ambiance. Live it up in the strip club with your date by your side. Have a few laughs. Enjoy some bubbly. Then call a cab or partake in the club's limo service to head to your secluded room for nightlife at a whole new level.

Nightlife At Its Finest

Vegas Private strippers like the ones we provide will give you a personalized dance session without the eyes of others watching her or you. You will be able to enjoy the sultry moves without having the guy next to you yelling out obscenities or elbowing you with a grin on his face. Instead the show is artistic, meaningful and extremely relaxing. You have the option of sitting in a chair, on the floor, or in your bed without someone else trying to step in front of you to capture a peek. Let your stripteaser know what you like to see, the mood of the dance that excites you, and what clothing you want to see come off. Your wish is her command!

Having A Partner Makes It So Much More Fun

Having a girl by your side throughout your Olympic Gardens Las Vegas trip will take away the uncomfortable feeling guys get about going to a strip club alone. Take note of the guys sitting in the corner, all alone in a chair, nursing a beverage while trying to fit in. Fun? Doesn't really look like it, does it? Now take a look at guys who are with their significant other. They are the ones who seem confident, with large smiles on their faces, and several dancers walking past their tables. If you want to be top dog in a strip joint, having a woman who looks like a dancer herself with you will turn heads and attract the attention of the ladies who are entertaining.

Let your date be in charge of which girls are "allowed" to talk to you and which ones she would rather passed on by. After all, she is in the competitive business with these girls, so try keeping her happy! She will know which types will be faithful with their dancing and which ones are there to try to get as much cash as possible. Let her help you scout out the good from the bad, and you will both be leaving to go back to your room feeling as if it was a successful excursion.

Strip Clubs Have Rules, Hotels Are More Lenient

While you will definitely have a blast going to clubs like the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas, let's face it...there are rules to abide by to protect the customers and the entertainment. When you leave, you will have a bit more leniency in the types of dances you can watch. Our girls are able to take off a little bit more than the ones in the strip clubs, so enjoy the show!

We want you to be completely satisfied with your overall experience with our strippers. Call us to let us know which type of girl you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate your specific wants. Our goal is to have you come back as a repeat customer. We will make sure your time together with your date exceeds expectations. Call us today!