Palomino Club Las Vegas

Blonde in Vegas can be the most fun.

Enjoying strip clubs is part of the Las Vegas nightlife that many men enjoy tremendously. If you plan on hitting the hot spots when in Las Vegas, you most likely have the Palomino Club high on your list of "must go" spots. After all, it boasts several stages of adult entertainment at its finest. What is even finer than this though? Going to the Palomino strip club with your own entertainment.

Many guys are beginning to realize that while the dancing is fun to spectate at clubs like the Palomino Club, they aren't as personalized as they can be by having a striptease artist of your own to bring along. This gives you the best of both worlds: watching strippers on stage and watching a stripper in your room after you leave the Las Vegas strip club you are visiting.

Why The Palomino Club Is A Great Spot

When visiting Las Vegas Palomino Club is one of the top-notch strip clubs in the city. This club has been around for over forty years and is still one of the best places in Las Vegas to take in striptease action at its finest. Bringing along your own dancer can make your overall experience one you will be relish in from the time it starts until it ends. This club boasts all-nude dancing. Take in the sites and be assured that your private performer will duplicate the dance moves you observe as soon as you get back to the seclusion of your room.

The Palomino Club doesn't just have stripping action. They also have several large screen televisions available so your date can watch the big game with you while enjoying a cool cocktail. She will let you know when she wants to head back to the room with a subtle hand on your leg or whisper in your ear. After you leave, you will be able to enjoy the stripping at a whole new level. It will be right in front of you, for your eyes only. This is the way stripping should be!

Enjoying Your Time Together

Having a partner to accompany you to a Las Vegas strip club is the newest form of entertainment that many guys are realizing works best. This allows the chance to enjoy the nightlife scene without appearing like a creepy single guy watching alone. You will have someone with you, but you will still be able to partake in the lap dancing and naughtiness of strip clubs without feeling guilty because your girlfriend will become upset. This is because you have a no-strings attached woman by your side! She will even encourage you to enjoy all parts of the stripping going on around you. She realizes this will get you more into the mood for a private dance after you leave.

When you get back to the hotel, let your lady know what you enjoy watching. She wants nothing more than to please you 100%. If you saw something that tickled your fancy while you were at the Palomino Club, she can do her best to try it in front of you so you can observe the dancing very close. Having a private dance beats the dancing that you see in strip clubs by far. You will enjoy the pulsing and grinding within touchable distance. There is no need to look for dollars to entice girls to come your way either. You will have the full performance right in plain view without the need to share with anyone.

Party Like A Rock Star

If you are going to be hanging out with others and your friends wish to stop at the Palomino club to watch some dancing and have a few drinks, give us a call first and order up your date for the evening. Imagine the looks on your comrades faces when you meet them with a stunning woman of your own. You can bet that they will all be envious and you can laugh at how they all try to take center stage by trying to impress your date.

You will be the guy that gets to go back to your room with her though, so that is what really counts. Let them try to win her over if they wish. They won't be the ones that get the private showing. You will! You can keep the dancing portion of your date a secret if you wish. Let your guy friends think you grabbed a winner all on your own! If you do tell them, chances are the next time you all get together they will have dates of their own when heading out to strip clubs. Why not though? The more the merrier! Call use now to reserve your beautiful performer!

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