Glaucia Is A Stripper You Will Always Remember

Hire her for exciting Las Vegas bachelor parties now.Your own Vegas private stripper will come to your room.She used to work for Sapphire Las Vegas stripping.She is ready to be your Vegas private stripper now.Her specialty includes awesome Las Vegas bachelor parties.
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Cup Size: 34C
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 5/6

Welcome! Here's A Little About Me!

I am Glaucia, and I am glad you decided to stop in my profile to see what I have to say. I enjoy spending time outdoors and I'm into fitness. As you can see from my appearance, I exercise quite a bit. I enjoy having a body I can show off to others. I have been living in Vegas for the past five years. I am originally from New York. I like the hub bub of city life and find that Las Vegas suits my style quite a bit. I'm one of those girls who never seems to sleep. There's always something going on and I don't like to miss anything! I worked at Sapphire Las Vegas for a while, but found it is more entertaining to be with clients on a one-by-one basis. The intimacy makes the dancing a little easier I think.

I Want Your Experience To Be Second To None

Whether you are hiring me for Las Vegas bachelor parties or for private sessions in your hotel room, I make sure all who are watching will be satisfied with what they see. I am pretty good at stripping if I do say so myself. I enjoy entertaining and I am suspenseful regarding when I will reveal each body part to spectators. I feel this increases the anticipation of the show, making my watcher(s) drool! I love that so much. The excitement carries me into the performance, making me want to tempt and tease throughout the entire show. I know you will enjoy what I have to show you! I can't wait to be your Las Vegas pricate stripper!

Let Me Give You A Night To Remember

I really enjoy doing Las Vegas bachelor parties. I am the ultimate surprise artist! If you need some ideas on how you can get strippers to a hotel room to surprise a party, let me discuss some options with you. I can come alone, or if your prefer, several girls came come to your room or another location to give the party a wild edge! The groom-to-be will have a great time and his buddies will leave that party with the biggest smiles on their faces. I guarantee that!

I Can Be Your Private Dancer As Well

If you are looking for a private stripper for yourself, I can accommodate that as well! I love stripping, which is why I decided to continue this field after leaving Sapphire Las Vegas. I took away a lot of experience and use it to my advantage when stripping privately. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the show even more than one you would see at a strip club. I will get right in front of you when I strip, and I will include you in my performance. You won't get that anywhere else! Call for a date now!

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