Felicia Is One Hell Of A Party Stripper

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  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Cup Size: D
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 7

Entertainment In A Whole New Way

Are you in the Las Vegas area on business? Are you searching for some adult entertainment to help your trip go by a bit more smoothly? If so, I would like to propose a whole new way in seeing Sin City strippers. Most businessmen enjoy going to clubs like the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas to see a bit of nudity in a great atmosphere. The downside to this type of entertainment is having to go to the place on your own. It is kind of awkward to walk into a strip club and sit at a table by yourself hoping to see a beautiful woman stripping in front of you. There's usually other guys getting in the way, making it not as fun as you anticipated. Bringing one of your own Sin City strippers along with you however, is a great way to have conversation while waiting to see what you came for. Think about how fun it would be to have me hang out with you in this type of place. Even better, think about what you will get to see when you leave! I will give you a private dance just like those Sin City strippers, only in the comfort of your hotel room!

I Have The Experience Needed For A Great Time

When one watches a Vegas striptease, they get caught up in the eroticism and beauty of the performance. I have all the right moves to give you the experience of a strip club dance right in your hotel room. I love dancing and there is no better way to get to see nudity up close and personal than having a private dance. Imagine the surprise you will feel when I start pulling off my clothing right in front of your eyes. I'll get you involved in the dance by enticing you with my beauty, perhaps getting you to want to dance along with me. I enjoy dancing slow, while allowing you to touch me in the process.

Do you like what you see in my profile pictures? That is nothing compared to seeing me nude in real life! I will caress you and make sure the experience you have while watching me slow dance is one that you will remember forever. Are you interested in having a private lap dance as well? It is part of Vegas striptease performances that many enjoy the most. Feeling me against your body will be sure to excite you and have you wanting to see more. This scenario can come true if you take the time to call or email me with your preferred meeting time. We can then schedule a close encounter in your hotel room whenever you wish. Make that call or write that email now!

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