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  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Cup Size: 36B
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 6

A Little About Myself

If you have come to this website, you are in search of Vegas girls nude to spend time with you. Before you go ahead and book a session with me, let me tell you a little about myself. I have been stripping professionally for about four years. Yes, right after high school pretty much. I needed to make extra cash for college, and it was a great way to get it! I went to school here in Nevada and I have my degree, but I am loving the strip thing so much I haven't really put it to use as of yet. I am a big believer in having fun while working, so there is no need to move in that direction right now because I'm having a blast doing nude shows Las Vegas. I used to be one of the Sapphire Las Vegas dancers, so that is where my experience came from. I am now working on a private level and it is so much better!

What I Expect From You

When we go out, which I am proposing we do before we get to the strip part, I expect to be treated like a lady. I am extremely happy dressing up and spending time with my clients. It is more fun to get to know them before I get naked for them. It makes it easier and it allows me to personalize the performance I give to them so they are happy with what they see. I really like going back to see my Sapphire Las Vegas dancers as we are still friends. This is a great meeting place to talk and enjoy some nightlife together.

The Big Show Will Be Intense

When we get back to your room, that is where you will see one of the best nude shows Las Vegas has to offer. I will make sure you are completely satisfied with the dancing I do for you. I will end up taking off every bit of clothing I am wearing. I will dance until you ask me to stop. My rules are to watch only until I give you the say so that you may touch me. This makes the whole experience so much more erotic. Just think about how hard it will be to keep your hands to yourself! It will be well-worth it however. This will build up the anticipation in being allowed to touch my skin. I will tease you a lot during this time. We can have some lap dancing action, but at first I will go through the motions without touching you. Do you know how arousing and erotic this is? It will be intense for both of us! After my performance is over, well....I guess we will just see what happens. I'm not giving away any secrets!

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